Eighth-graders to take writing SOL

Alex Boyle, Tejesh Dandu, Allan Wang, and Travis Wolff

On March 6 and 7, eighth-graders will take the writing SOL. This SOL is split into two parts, a multiple choice test on March 6 and a short paper test on March 7.

Prior to the test, eighth-graders need to make sure they sleep well and eat a healthy breakfast.

Students are told to leave all devices in their lockers or at home. They should bring a pencil or pen and a paper book to read when finished.

The writing SOL will run through first and third period, or second and third period, and classes will continue after Panther Time. Students not done by the end of third period will continue taking the test.

All students should be quiet in the hallways when transitioning from class to class and keep in mind that there will be no computers available in class or during Panther Time.

The scores for the writing SOL will come with your report card, and will also be posted on SIS.

Seventh graders who take geometry will be required to go to the library instead of their usual class.