May SOL schedule announced

Rohan Manroa, Writer

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With the first SOLs of the 2018-2019 school year completed in March, the May SOLs are approaching.

Teachers say that good ways to prepare for these nerve-wracking tests are fairly straightforward-calm down, make sure you know all the material, and get a good night’s sleep. They also remind students that these tests that stress many students will not affect the rest of their life.

SOL schedule:

  • 8th Grade Writing Multiple Choice – March 6
  • 8th Grade Writing Short Paper – March 7
  • 8th Grade Civics – May 8
  • 8th Grade Science – May 10
  • 8th Grade Reading – May 13
  • 8th Grade Math and 8th Grade Algebra 1 – May 15
  • Algebra 2 and Geometry – May 16
  • 7th Grade Reading – May 20
  • 7th Grade Math, 7th Grade Algebra 1 – May 22