8th-graders offer advice to 7th-graders on homework, friends, and more


Courtesy of CJ Berejik

Seventh Grader CJ Berejik looking at a map RCMS to prepare for their first time back in school.

Dhara Mudras

Some students didn’t get a chance to go into the RCMS building this year because of Covid-19, and next year, they might struggle with the transition from online middle school to in-person, so eighth-graders have some advice for them.

Kioko Letteny, an eighth-grader at Rachel Carson Middle School, recommends to always  turn in work, even if it’s late, because you could get partial credit. She also says that when struggling with homework, ask a friend, do your own research, and then ask your teacher. 

Sam Lepsch, also an eighth-grader at RCMS, says that while it’s important to do your homework, don’t stress about it too much. 

“Homework can be stressful, so it’s important to take time for yourself and your mental health,” Sam added.

Ben Shield, RCMS eighth-grader has the same advice about grades and tests.

“There will be plenty of opportunities to do better and to improve,” said Ben.

Eighth-grade students also had advice on being prepared for class. Ann Roberts says that you should always have a backup route to your classes if you get lost. She also recommends having a school map with your classes if you struggle to remember where they are. She added that when all else fails, don’t be afraid to ask teachers or nearby students where to go. 

Kioko says to not procrastinate on anything you’ll need ready for class, as it could make it harder to focus and learn. If you’re worried about not being ready for eighth-grade classes, Ann had more advice about that.

Ann said, “Classes aren’t that much harder; you just learn at a faster pace.”

Kioko says to try and make at least one friend in each of your classes, so you have someone to lean on if you don’t understand or need help with something. 

Ann says to be considerate of other students. She added that students who boast about assignments being too easy or complain about homework could come off as standoffish. 

Ben says to be yourself and not to care what others say about you, to live the way you want, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else.

Ann had more advice on making friends.

“First impressions aren’t always the most accurate,” Ann said. “Try to be nice to everyone, and only become friends with people who you feel comfortable around.”

When it comes to electives, Kioko recommends considering all electives and if they’re compatible with your interests. She recommends taking FACs if you like food, and Sam recommends taking Tech Theatre or Theatre.

“Don’t pick an elective just because you think it’s going to be easy, because if it’s not and you don’t care for the topic, you’re going to spend an hour of school bored,” Kioko said.