Students and staff enjoy benefits of four days a week in school


Anthony Muse

Students in class working

Anthony Muse, Writer

More students are returning to their classes in person all week long because they think it is easier than online classes.

Edwin Monje Ramirez, a seventh-grader at RCMS, said, “Why stay at home when you could go in person, things are a lot easier.”

Others are a little worried.

George Fuentes Leon, a seventh-grader, said, “There won’t be a lot of social distancing so I am not 100% sure.” 

Many teachers are also happy that students are returning to the building because they will get to see their students much more often than what they did when students went two days a week.

Kristden Oliver, a science teacher at RCMS, said to her class, “You’re lucky to have 10 minutes transition time. In a normal year, you would have 4 minutes.”

On top of that, RCMS math teacher Ji Dalkin says in-person school makes a lot of things easier.

“Now that students are back it is not only more easy to do math”,” but things are more organized,” she said

Some teachers have noticed that students are not following directions that easily.

“Being at home for so long messed up with manners,” Mrs. Oliver said.

Ms. Lida Costa, Spanish teacher, agreed.

“Students need to review the rules of school,” she said.