RCMS students encouraged to bring spare mask

Leena Geloo and Charlotte Blasiol

Students have recently been advised by Mr. Gordon Stokes, the principal of RCMS, to pack a spare mask in case of an emergency. 

A variety of situations could happen which would result in a student needing an extra mask. These could include: sneezing in your mask, dropping your mask, getting food on it, the strap breaking, and many more.

Experts have also advised to wash your mask daily or get a new one after each time wearing it. According to Heath.com, “You’re always touching it with your hands, you’re taking it on and off, and setting it down in different places that might be contaminated with the virus.” 

Multiple RCMS teachers have said that they have spare masks if any student forgets to bring an extra, but students should try to remember to bring a backup mask.

RCMS staff have repeatedly reminded how important mask safety is, and students are encouraged to do their part for the safety of themselves and others.