Holidays mean festivities in the library


Aashan Dahagam, Writer

For RCMS students, there’s always something in season in the library.

Mrs. Donovan is in her eighth year at the library. She loves celebrating holidays in lots of creative ways. She reads books, sets up the themed sections every year, and tries to be in an enthusiastic mood.

The recent Halloween section was a popular one.

“I love doing scary book read-alouds for different classes who sign up for them,” said Mrs. Donovan.

Some students like the concept of themed sections.

“I really like the Halloween section,” said Adhvik Vinodh, a seventh-grader on the Trailblazers team. “I think it is a good way for students to check out Halloween themed books.”

Many students liked the Halloween section, and they hope to see different themed sections later in the school year.

“I like the concept of themed sections based on the time of year,” said Ishra Zaman, a seventh-grader on the Trailblazers team, “because that is a quick and easy way for students to check out seasonal books.”

Mrs. Donovan was inspired to create the Halloween section from students coming to her asking to check out scary books around Halloween.

“On average, 20-30 students per day come to check out books from the Halloween section,” said Mrs. Donovan, “and that’s why I continue putting it up every year. It’s so cool to see.”

While Mrs. Donovan likes setting up the Halloween section, she also dresses up for Halloween, and reads scary books, too.

“My favorite Halloween costume was when I was Luna Lovegood a couple years ago,” said Mrs. Donovan.

Her favorite scary book is “Wait Till Helen Comes” by Mary Downing Hahn. Students also like to read scary books.

“Horror is not my favorite genre, but it’s one of them,” said Adhvik. “I think reading good horror books once in a while is good.”

Adhvik has not yet checked out any books from the Halloween section, but his favorite scary books are “Fear Street” by R.L. Stine and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving.

The themed sections are directly in front of the graphic novels section.

The library does various displays for different times of the year.

“We try to do displays for all sorts of events,” said Mrs. Donovan.

“I think the concept of themed sections is really great,” said Adhvik, “and I can’t wait to see what other displays Mrs. Donovan might put up in the future.”