We all bleed red

Rohan Deshmukh

Dear Editor,

Why is this still a problem, why is it that even after the Civil War why is this still going on. People of color are not being treated very well now days. All because of the color of their skin? That’s just nonsense and isn’t so pretty.

After the George Floyd incident some of this has still been going on. And I can ensure you that every day after that incident, they were scared to walk down the street.

The people who support Black Lives Matter are trying so hard and yet no one in the government wants to act. Statistics show that 336 people of color have been victims to police brutality, and that to they were unarmed.

This isn’t right and something needs to be done. The consequence for these actions needs to be higher.

And this isn’t just a problem with police brutality, this even can happen in a work place. A survey was conducted, and people of color earn 13 cents less than a person that’s white. That can be a big difference in many cases.

America is supposed to be a country where everybody gets treated equally. But is that really the case right now. It has never been the case, pretty much everybody has not been treated equally.

And it’s not just people of color that are experiencing this. It’s not only people of color that experience this, but also many other races too.

Even if someone is good at their job, they won’t be receiving equal pay. That’s a big problem not just a small problem. And why did society even start this when it’s just a big inconvenience.

Racial discrimination should be illegal in every state. It’s not their fault that they’re a certain race.

This isn’t just unfair it’s frustrating to having to experience this. Like why does someone of color or any other race have to experience fear while walking down a street or sidewalk. Because personally after the George Floyd incident I was terrified.

Thank you for reading my letter and hopefully you agree with my point.



Seventh grade