Forever young?

Do children depend on their parents for the rest of their lives? Is that why they want to stay young forever?

Ayshia Jones, Writer

Many kids grow to depend on their parents ever since the womb. Children seek guidance also relying on their parents to provide them with the care and attention to be happy and healthy.

They count on their parents for almost everything — buying them clothes, toys, and feeding them, while also giving them their love and support.

Most parents influence their child to learn values and responsibilities they need as they get older and form into an adult. Parents, as their child grows, teach them how to cook and clean and basic responsibilities for adulthood.

Growing up and making your own decisions could be difficult for most. Some think you have more responsibilities as a child already. Your mom telling you to “wash the dishes” and “take out the trash.” But when you’re an adult you’re already forced to do that on your own.

“It depends, I think some children want to make their own decisions for themselves and some don’t want the responsibility,” said Ariel Jones, an eighth-grader on the Wolves team.

People believe that children of course want to make their own decisions while some just want everything to be handed to them and done for them as long as possible, which sounds amazing for youths. Other parents believe that too much done for a child could lead to a child being spoiled, spoon fed or coddled.

“They’re going to grow up and expect somebody else to take care of them and won’t be able to talk on their own two feet,” said Mrs. Kelli McCoy-Williams, the strategies for success teacher. 

While some are being coddled, a lot of children are already planning their future — where they want to live, what their dream job is. They also plan their future goals. Although some children fantasize about their future others have anxiety about the future and being an adult. Even if they’re not coddled or spoiled.

Which is reasonable because as you get older you think about challenges you’ll face in the future. Responsibilities, death, mental health, loneliness, parents death or separation and financial stability.

Mostly mental health and financial stability for most and that can lead to a child just not wanting to grow anymore and not wanna think about their future.

“I think that the main reason why most children don’t wanna grow older is because they’re scared,” said Nebiyat Jamal, a seventh-grader on the Dream team. “They think about the challenges that they will face, and soon enough they will find out how hard being an adult is and be afraid.”