After school fun


A group of kids are standing together in front of their hard work (Maya, Saranya, Snehitha, Shriya, Riddi)

Rohan Jayakumar, Writer

Students are enjoying after-school clubs — both old and new.

After school clubs are a way to engage with friends and peers. There are many different clubs where anybody can join, tryouts, and sign-ups.

Homework Club, a club where students can do their homework, study, and get help from their classmates and friends. Homework Club runs everyday except for Friday.

Some limited sign up clubs such as Futsal and Cooking/Baking Club, can only be attended by signup the previous day. Futsal is on Tuesday and Thursday while Cooking/Baking Club is on Thursday.

Some clubs require tryouts sessions such as Model United Nations (Model UN), Technology Student Association (TSA), Debate Club, and Science Bowl. The tryouts have already happened.

Some clubs which anybody can join are like Fiddle Club, Homework Club, and Basketball Club. These clubs you can just show up and participate. Fiddle Club is on Wednesday while Basketball Club is on Monday AB Blocks and Friday.

The After School Schedule has been given to all students via email. This document lists all the clubs during the quarters as well when the club meets.

Fiddle Club is a club that meets on Wednesdays during A block in the Orchestra room  where students can practice and play their stringed instrument and chat with other players. This club offers service hours, but not all club meetings offer it. The Introductory meeting was on Sep. 28, but students are allowed to join after that. A student can only join if they are in RCMS Orchestra. This club is student led by Jack Whiting, an eighth-grader on the Wolves team. 

Jack shares why this club is special. 

“You can play instruments and get service hours and have fun!”

 Ms. Wilcox-Grimes shares what the impact of the club does to the community. 

“Last year we made wrist buddies for Feeder Elementary.”

Going Green club is an environment-faced club that meets on Wednesdays during A block in the library. Students in this club promote environmental awareness during various tasks in the school and community. Students may help weed the surrounding forest of RCMS. 

One of the veterans of the club, Ariya Lee, an eighth-grader on Voyagers team, shares the impact of the club.

I think it definitely teaches hard work, working together on an issue or common goal, appreciating the outdoors and nature, and what we should do to protect it.”

“I think that it’s really important that we have this club to take care of the bushes and trees,” she added. Ariya also shares what the club does for the community in RCMS.” We need to maintain anything we already have to benefit the community with cleaner air and shade.”

After school hours at Rachel Carson are between 2:23 p.m. to 4:28 p.m. Currently, there are Late Buses on every day except for Friday. Students can find their Late Bus number in SIS under Student Info in Additional Transportation. After school consists of two blocks, A block, from 2:23 p.m. to 3:23 p.m, and B block, from 3:28 p.m. to 4:28 p.m. Friday there is no after school late bus and students have to be picked up by a parent at 3:30. All students must electronically sign in using the desktop icon on their computer. 

Jack shares, “They are wonderful for being social outside of school and a good way to get to know more people.”