2017-2018 Staff



Aayna is an eighth grader. She likes watching Netflix, eating and listening to music. Her favorite shows are Psych (which got taken off ugh), Supernatural and The Flash. She plays football and loves the Philadelphia Eagles. She...

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My name is Shriya M., and I am currently a 7th grade student attending Rachel Carson Middle School. I like sitting on my couch, looking at food, and talking about a wide variety of topics. I can say I'm able to talk to a lot of...

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Sawyer G


Sawyer is a 7th grader at RCMS. He enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with his dog.

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Pooja Adelli


Pooja A. is a seventh grader. She loves to paint, and draw. She is on the RCMS mural team. She lives with her parents, and a little brother in Fairfax.

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Ashley Chase


Ashley C. is an eighth grader. She plays basketball and travel soccer. Her hobbies include playing with her dog, running, watching Netflix, and playing sports. Her favorite thing to do with her family is to watch the Pittsburgh...

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Neha Bandaru


Neha B. is a 7th grader on the All-Star team. She was born in California and moved to Virginia when she was in 3rd grade. Her hobbies include Track & Field, eating, and loves to spend her time hanging out with friends. In...

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Luke P.


Luke, 12, is a seventh grader at Rachel Carson Middle School. Luke enjoys skiing, biking and using html. Luke also enjoys sports such as flag football and baseball....

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Alice is an eighth grader at Rachel Carson Middle School. She loves art and anything related to it. She also likes swimming, reading and debate. Her favorite school subjects are history and science. Alice has won multiple art...

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Jake Bartolomeo


I am a seventh grader at Rachel Carson and I work as a writer in the Journalism department....

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Business and Technology

Manav is in seventh grade. He takes two honor classes. He loves swimming and playing video games. He is in the business and technology part of the news. Manav has enjoyed writing articles for the Carson Chronicle!...

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Mai L


Mai is an eighth grader at RCMS. She likes watching Netflix and eating food.

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Sophia Yao


Sophia is currently a seventh grader who attends Rachel Carson Middle School. She enjoys playing tennis and swimming. Some of her hobbies include baking, reading, playing the flute and playing the piano. Her favorite things to...

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Elnatan W.


My name is Elnatan and I'm a student in journalism class. I am a writer/editor here and write stories and articles....

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Charles Tatum


Charlie T. is an eighth grader at Rachel Carson Middle School.  He loves to play volleyball and saxophone, and he is a pretty good cook.  Often, you can find Charlie asleep, eating or watching "The Office" on his phone.  Currently,...

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Sindhuja Gudur


Sindhuja is an eighth grader in Rachel Carson Middle School. Sindhuja participates in Rachel Carson's Model UN team. Some of her favorite hobbies are writing and listening to music. Her favorite subjects are English an...

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Jaden W.


Jaden is currently in eighth grade. He likes to read, play tennis and go on cool adventures....

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Katelyn Mehlenbeck


Katelyn M. is a 12 year old student who attends Rachel Carson Middle School. She is in seventh grade. When she's not at school, she's defending the goal with the rest of her lacrosse team. Katelyn has been playing lacrosse since...

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Sauman Das


Sauman D. is a seventh grader. Others than writings articles he loves to do math and play basketball. He enjoys playing with his friends in his free time. His favorite subjects are math and science....

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Ben R

Sports 1 writer

Ben R. is a seventh grader at RCMS. He plays baseball, swims, and skis. He enjoys watching and following sports in general.

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Tyler A


My name is Tyler A. I am 13 years old. I am a seventh grader. I play basketball and baseball, and I swim. Some of my hobbies are skateboarding, playing street hockey and photography.

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Ryan Dwyer


Ryan D. is in the eighth grade and loves taking journalism. He loves playing sports, the weather, and to cook. He went to elementary school at Hunters Woods and is on the Yellow Jackets team. He enjoys writing articles and reporting...

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Gayatri Kamtala

Writer, Researcher

My name is Gayatri and I am a seventh grader who enjoys writing, reading, painting, drawing, singing and humiliating herself.  ...

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Jay Varakala


Jay V. is a seventh grader at RCMS. He loves to play video games -- lots and lots of them. He likes writing and also reading, but especially math. He knows 2¹/₁₆ languages. He is a very big Nintendo fan and also a Harry Potter...

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Emmy T.


Emmy Truong is an eighth grader. She enjoys watching Netflix, sleeping and eating. Her two favorite shows are "The Flash" and "Grey's Anatomy." Her favorite subject is history. Her birthday is May 29, so you should buy her a present...

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