New RCMS cross-country team has first meet
Allison Bu, Jiya Bharathi, and Jasmina Azimova October 4, 2023

As FCPS’s first middle school sports got started, RCMS’s cross-country team took part in its first scheduled meet out of school on Sept. 30. This is the first time sports are being offered after school for middle-school...

RCMS after-school clubs begin
Allison Cai, Mouktika Kamarupalle, Ritesh Bala, and Melanie Chavez Espinoza October 4, 2023

Clubs officially started at RCMS on Sep 13. They are available to everyone, with different clubs every day of the week. Many types of clubs are available for students to join, from a cooking club to a K-Pop dance club,...

A Fairfax Academy student shows Ashley Williams their designs.
Miss Virginia USA chooses FCPS student-designed dresses
SaiAdithi Adusumilli, Writer • October 2, 2023

Ashley Williams, Miss Virginia USA, wore two dresses designed by Fairfax Academy Fashion Career students for the USA State competition on Sept. 29. Williams, 24, was crowned Miss Virginia USA on April 30. She chose one...

Chess charity at RCMS helps kids in Turkey and Syria after earthquake
Chess charity at RCMS helps kids in Turkey and Syria after earthquake
Aditi Sudeep, Writer • June 19, 2023

 All you could hear on May 20 at RCMS was the sound of chess pieces clacking against dozens of chess boards and maybe the thundering applause of a few 1000 donations coming through.This was at the RCMS chess tournament,...

Photo from Taylor Swifts May 13 Eras Tour Concert in Philadelphia taken by Maisie Smith-Zoe.
RCMS students and staff attend Taylor Swift’s worldwide Eras tour
Richita Shukla and Meenal Nagappan June 9, 2023

“The Eras tour concert was genuinely one of the coolest experiences of my life,” said Maisie Smith-Zoe, eighth-grader on the Explorers team, who went to the May 13, Philadelphia concert. Born in 1989, Taylor Swift...

Photo Credit: Maisie Smith-Zoh
Carson Literary Magazine is back but digital
Rohan Jayakumar, Writer • June 7, 2023

The Carson Literary Magazine is back, but it's digital! It wasn’t here last year so it's new to all students as of 2022-2023. The Carson Literary Magazine is a tradition where students send in their various artworks...

Mackenzie Gonzales, a seventh-grader on the TrailBlazers team, struggles to answer a question on the SOLS.
Virtual learning: a downgrade to students' testing scores
Eva Sonis and Charita Vootkur June 7, 2023

"I didn't do sixth grade, I slept through sixth grade," said Divitha Mathe, an eighth-grader on the Wolves team. Divi said people put in less effort during online school, which caused her and many other students to score...

Shayaan Dutt, the secretary general officer for 2023-2024 RCMS Model UN, May 31, answering questions regarding MUN.
Three new RCMS Model UN officers chosen for next year
Ryan Kim, Writer • June 7, 2023

After the audition for next year’s three Model UN officers, Shayaan Dutt, Aaron Zhang, and Eva Sonis were chosen. As the secretary general, under secretary, and chief of staff, they will lead and teach next year’s MUN. Rachel...

TSA members from across the state watch a student’s speech at the opening ceremony on the first day of events.
RCMS TSA chapter wins 18 awards at statewide competition
Kate Russell, Writer • June 7, 2023

The RCMS Technology Student Association chapter competed at a statewide competition in Hampton, Virginia from May 4 to May 7, winning several events independently and second place among all middle schools. “The TSA competition...

Ms. Devyn Wilcox-Grimes (left), Ms. Christen Reddig (middle), and Ms. Tiffany Hitz (right) excited for the upcoming trip.
RCMS preparing for music department trip to Kings Dominion
Mia Kehde, Ansley Thompson, and Pallavi Tejavathu June 5, 2023

On June 9, the RCMS music department is taking the spring trip to Kings Dominion. Everyone is super excited for the thrill of the park. In past years and trips there have been so many unique experiences. “A student...

Tesla Model Y with a dual motor in a parking lot at Rachel Carson Middle School.
The future of electric vehicles is looking bright
Agastya Mittal and Bodh Agrawal June 5, 2023

The revving of a quiet, almost soundless engine fills the air as the car silently backs out of the driveway. The car turns onto the road, and unusually, doesn’t leave a smoke trail behind it. Electric vehicles -- known...

Eighth grade students, from left to right, Janat Wajeeh, Shermin Rana, Rishika Banoth, Riddhi Pathak  and Chinmayi Karthik on the baseball field bleachers.
In 25 years, as students have changed, so has the dress code
Medalisa Kargbo, Medalisa Kargbo • June 5, 2023

 Over the past 25 years at RCMS, as society has changed, the dress code has changed with it by being less specific and more gender neutral. The dress code states that “students should not wear anything that displays...

Ms. Hitz, the RCMS band teacher conducts the Concert Band.
Ms. Hitz sets the bar high for the new band teacher
Jagruthi Narra, Writer • June 5, 2023

The blinding sunlight shines over the room, giving the flutes a heavenly glint. The baton rises swiftly and sharply, prompting the deep sound of clarinets and tubas reverberating off the walls, sending chills down everyone’s...

Aashka Doshi, eighth grader on the debate team debating at Norwood tournament, 5/13.
RCMS debate team goes to Finals at championship
Ruth Kwon and Claire Qi June 5, 2023

It was the final round. The humming of air conditioning rang over still silence. The audience watched in anticipation as Sahana Kumar, an eighth-grader on the RCMS debate team, stepped up to the podium. “It was really...

Excused and unexcused absence policy
Ariya Lee, Editor • May 30, 2023

Every day, FCPS is required to record the attendance of students. However, there are excused absences and unexcused absences.  According to the Attendance Policies page on the FCPS website, students can be absent (excused...

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