Mrs. Devyn Grimes instructs RCMSs Concert Orchestra.
A musical journey
Neha Shetwal, Writer • June 6, 2022

Whether she is vigorously rehearsing beautiful pieces of music or attempting to devour seven tacos in 12 minutes, Mrs. Devyn Grimes shows the students of RCMS that orchestra is never a dull place to be. Mrs. Grimes is...

Mrs. Guild, the All Stars history teacher, celebrates her 20th year of teaching this year.
Celebrating 20 years of teaching with Mrs. Guild
Maisie Smith-Zoh, Writer • June 3, 2022

“When I first started teaching, we had to go to a computer lab,” Mrs. Carrie Guild, history teacher for the All Stars team, laughed. “There were no laptops, kids didn’t have phones, there were no iPads.”  Mrs....

Anonymous student using Kahoot to study at home
The Game of Learning
Arya Takalkar and Alicia Zheng June 3, 2022

In FCPS, schools have started using laptops and teachers have adapted to using online learning tools to engage students. According to an anonymous poll, the most popular learning tools were Kahoot and Quizlet mostly because...

Johnny Depp leaving the court in his car-taken by Laila Kebaish on May 17, 2022
Lawsuit between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Brandon Lin and Laila Kebaish June 3, 2022

RCMS students were able to watch the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as it unfolded in Fairfax County Circuit Court. The case ended June 1 with Depp receiving 15 million and paying Heard two million. Although...

Iniya Mahendiran, a student on the All-Stars team.
Modern technology: Good or bad?
Angela Leo and Thanwa Dahab June 2, 2022

Technology has become a big part of our lives, we use devices, namely computers, phones, watches and ipads for school work, texting, calling, and other social activities. “Life before cell phones and computers was good...

For trips, schools opt to use school buses as they are more affordable, but sometimes this can interfere with the pick-up/drop-off schedule.
The journey behind sending students on a field trip
Aashritha Penumudi, Writer • June 2, 2022

As in-person school has returned, so have field trips, but not all classes will go. The decision to go on a field trip is dependent upon teachers, and many choose not to due to the immense planning required, as well as...

The Carson Chronicle’s history
The Carson Chronicle’s history
Fi Hoehne, Writer • June 2, 2022

RCMS Carson Chronicle contributors helped develop the newspaper into what it is today, from a club to an elective. At its beginning, the club was run by a sponsor and was hosted after school.  Mr. Kirk Treakle, head librarian,...

Diversity of learning styles at RCMS 
 Felicia Katzman and Onyx Dew June 1, 2022

RCMS teachers each have different teaching styles that they find effective, but what about the students? What type of teaching works best for you? Learning takes place in a variety of ways including, auditory learning...

Footlocker on permanent loan to RCMS
Footlocker on permanent loan to RCMS
Sahiti Tanuku, Writer • June 1, 2022

A footlocker containing artifacts from World War II -- on permanent loan to RCMS by the MacArthur Memorial -- was shown to the seventh-graders at the school this spring. "One day, during history class, we looked at items...

Maisie McArter eighth-grader on the Dolphins Team, presenting popular ‘BookTok’ Books.
BookTok: This might be the last wholesome thing on Earth
Haylei Martin, Writer • May 31, 2022

BookTok is a well-known subcommunity on TikTok, born from the boredom of quarantine. It’s a place where all readers belong. Zoha Saddiqi, an eighth-grader on the Yellow Jackets Team said, “BookTok gives readers somewhere...

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