Adhvik Vinodh, seventh-grader on the Trail Blazers team at his 10th birthday party.
Students enjoy holiday birthday celebrations
Naaisha Mahajan, Writer • December 18, 2021

Many people around the world are born on national holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Cinco De Mayo, which make birthdays extra special. Many people enjoy having their birthdays on special occasions but others feel...

An RCMS student shares her view on the incident.
Investigation continues for threat written in bathroom
Ariya Lee and Elakshi Nedungottil December 17, 2021

A threat written in a school bathroom on Dec. 7 has been deemed unsubstantiated, according to RCMS administration, but the investigation is ongoing and any students involved could still face severe consequences. At the...

New SCA takes office
Brett Phifer , Julius Koenig, Joseph Escobar, and Hibba Fahim December 16, 2021

The SCA elections recently ended, with the president being Jaeda Hunter. The election took place on Oct. 22, and the results were announced on the 25th of October. This left little time to vote, but the students still came...

Blog: Life as a student journalist in T3
Rohan Deshmukh, Writer • December 16, 2021
"Words are very powerful in journalism; one word can hook a reader, and another can make the reader click off your article."
A student plays Minecraft on a school computer.
Students and teachers at odds over games
Abhinav Karthik, Aarav Jain, Neerav Narisetty, and Kaden Hromek-Vaitla December 8, 2021

Games have become part of the environment at RCMS, and students and teachers have been struggling over them. “Students playing games is a really big problem,” seventh-grade science teacher Mrs. Kristden Oliver said....

Global delivery delays affect RCMS
Global delivery delays affect RCMS
Alex Cannarsa, Writer • December 1, 2021

RCMS has been having trouble getting resources due to global delays in deliveries. This includes the cafeteria. “With a shortage of food, some restaurants are needing to use different items because of what's available,”...

Holidays mean festivities in the library
Holidays mean festivities in the library
Aashan Dahagam, Writer • November 30, 2021

For RCMS students, there's always something in season in the library. Mrs. Donovan is in her eighth year at the library. She loves celebrating holidays in lots of creative ways. She reads books, sets up the themed sections...

Student turning in their completed form after collecting money from their neighborhood.
Cheesecake Factory Fundraiser goal achieved
Ishya Anbuselvan, Shloka Bana, and Alex Peaks November 25, 2021

Rachel Carson Middle School’s Cheesecake Factory fundraiser, which ended Oct. 28, raised money for the school and essential programs that were not currently funded through traditional means, and it was a huge success. “We...

Emma Vu, a seventh grade on the Trailblazer team, looking at the RCMS grading system, disciplinary policies and scheduling system.
Seventh-graders adjust to middle school
Ishra Zaman, Writer • November 24, 2021

With the first quarter over, seventh-graders are expected to settle in after the transition from elementary school to middle school. This year's transition is particularly different because students and staff have to follow...

Chorus students get ready to practice with their sheet music.
Carson's chorus program gets ready for upcoming concerts
Eva Dubey, Writer • November 24, 2021

After a long disruption due to Covid, the chorus program is performing together for audiences again. “The chorus concerts are always a fun time,” said Ms. Reddig, the chorus director.  "The students are doing so well...

Olivia Parker, seventh grader on All Stars, gets on the bus.
Here comes the bus?
Tessa Gay and Keira Riemenschneider November 24, 2021

RCMS is experiencing bus driver shortages this school year. This is forcing Carson to merge 13 busses, or have multiple areas on one bus. “We don't really know if we’re going to be later to school,” said Naaisha...

Librarian, Mr. Kirk Treakle, shows Maya Younes, a 7th grade Trailblazer, the service hour sign up sheet in the library.
New service learning opportunities list to be made by SCA
Angela Luo and Emma Vu November 23, 2021

RCMS has many service hour opportunities in many different places. But with a new list the SCA is coming up with, the plan is for finding them to be made easier.   Middle school students are required to have 15 hours...

Seventh-graders Ishya Anbuselvan (left) and Alex Peaks (right) interacting during an advisory activity.
New version of Panther Time helps strengthen relationships
Moksha Pandem and Anci Somu November 23, 2021

After three months in the newest version of Panther Time, students say they are building stronger relationships with others. All students at RCMS this year are required to engage in multiple Social Emotional Learning lessons...

A seventh-grader at RCMS signs the petition.
Students create petition to go back to Google Classroom
Elakshi Nedungottil and Adithya Tegginahalli November 23, 2021

When students started coming back in person, there were major changes. One of them includes switching from Google Classroom to an application called Schoology. But with this new change came problems for students and teachers...

Superintendent Scott Brabrand speaks to journalism students during his visit to RCMS on Nov. 23.
Superintendent updates students on mask mandate during visit to RCMS
Josie Leon-Guerrero and Keira Riemenschneider November 23, 2021

Dr. Scott Brabrand, superintendent of FCPS, said on Nov. 23 during a visit to RCMS, that even if the governor elect takes away the mask mandate, FCPS may continue to require masks. “We’ve been following CDC guidance,”...

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