NFL season begins with fantasy football craze and changes in the league
Timothy Jones, Writer • October 11, 2021

“The NFL is my happy place,” stated Nate Zschunke, an eighth-grader and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Fans are ecstatic to be back in the stadiums after that difficult Covid-19 year and back cheering on their team. Even...

After-school clubs begin -- with several new additions
After-school clubs begin -- with several new additions
Maya Younes , Hania Javeed, and Sharani Chebrolu September 29, 2021

After school clubs for all students began Sept. 20 as extracurricular activities and for fun. Some examples of popular clubs are basketball, arduino, study hall, Model UN, LGBTQ+, debate and so much more. Currently there...

Students start track club
Students start track club
Emma Vu and Ishra Zaman September 29, 2021

One of the new clubs started this year was a track club, founded by Sibani Anbumani and Sarah Maazouzi on Sept. 20. They are both seventh-graders on the Champions team.  The club plans to meet in the cafeteria, then head...

The proposed new bins will look like this.
Compost bins may be coming to Carson to aid in the war against climate change
Yalini Kathamuthu, Writer • September 29, 2021

Students under the guidance of Ms. Lauren Breza on Sept. 21 presented the PTA with a proposal to fund new compost bins at RCMS. The purpose of these compost bins is to decrease the amount of food waste Carson produces...

“The club is important to me because it brings people of all kinds of backgrounds together to play a game and/or socialize,” says club founder Kavin Narayanan.
New Minecraft club begins
Angela Luo and Ella Miller September 26, 2021

Students can now join a newly formed Minecraft club to play in different aspects of the Minecraft world. To join the club, students must sign up in the cafeteria during their lunch period on Wednesday. The club meets every...

5 cent plastic bag tax approved in Fairfax County
5 cent plastic bag tax approved in Fairfax County
Ariya Lee and Sibani Anbumani September 26, 2021

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved the 5-cent plastic bag tax to prevent single-use plastic bags from ending up in our environment on September 14.  This taxing will begin on January 1, 2022. The plastic...

Students wait to buy lunch.
RCMS students and staff adjusting to 5 days a week in person
Dhara Mudras September 21, 2021

Students and teachers at FCPS have dealt with many changes only a month into the school year, from a new assignment system to having all students back in the building. Mr. Steven Davis, an English teacher at RCMS said...

RCMS Pets During the Pandemic
New pets offer companionship during the pandemic
Raghav Kasi, Writer • June 10, 2021

The start of the coronavirus pandemic was a tough time for a lot of people, and to accompany them, many brought along some furry friends.  “We were originally going to get my dog over the summer last year, and once...

The Uncensored Librarys 
The Minecraft world combatting journalism censorship
Nadir Javid, Writer • May 27, 2021

Banned stories of corruption, oppressive governments, and the extremes of censorship all lie within this Minecraft world. It's called the Uncensored Library, and it houses articles from Russia, Vietnam, Mexico, Saudi Arabia...

Students and staff look forward to a more normal year
Students and staff look forward to a more normal year
Yashasvi Banka, Akhil Angajala, Justin Cretella, Benjamin Ainsworth, Kimia Rahnavard, and Grace Gibbens May 25, 2021

As the year starts to come to an end, many staff and students are starting to look back on the past year of Covid-19 and start thinking about the changes they hope to see in school next year. When Mrs. Jennifer Wright...

Tanishka Gandhi, an eighth-grader from RCMS, outside during COVID.
Students and staff reflect on post-Covid changes to the world and themselves
Sahasra Kothembaka May 25, 2021

The world has undeniably changed due to Covid-19. “It just started out of nowhere,” eighth-grader Cailyn Johnson said. “I feel like I changed a lot from last year." Tanishka Gandhi, an eighth-grader from RCMS,...

Seventh Grader CJ Berejik looking at a map RCMS to prepare for their first time back in school.
8th-graders offer advice to 7th-graders on homework, friends, and more
Dhara Mudras May 25, 2021

Some students didn’t get a chance to go into the RCMS building this year because of Covid-19, and next year, they might struggle with the transition from online middle school to in-person, so eighth-graders have some advice...

Drishti Nishar is virtually creating a lesson plan on April 23 for her dance class which she is assisting at to help students grow as dancers.
Pandemic affected completion of the National Junior Honor Society service hours 
Anika Atluri, Aastha Doshi, and Ananya Potdar May 20, 2021
“Putting the common good above ourselves is fundamental for our community and our country,” she said.
Seventh-grader Anthony Muse works on his computer at a socially distanced desk
Covid safety guidelines work efficiently, students say
Benjamin Shield, Writer • May 20, 2021

Students of Rachel Carson feel new Covid-19 restrictions put into place by schools since March 2021 have been efficient at keeping them safe.  Restrictions have evolved since the reopening of school. This is due to the CDC,...

Seventh-grade English teacher Ms. Amy Allen promotes the importance of Mental Health through her clothes.
‘May’king mental health a priority
Rayna Kim, Writer • May 20, 2021

Quarantine and online school has been quite a journey.  Starting from the first day of school, everything has been a whirlwind of events and a great variety of emotions. Now, this one-of-a-kind year is coming to a close....

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