Repeated vandalism strikes around school bathrooms
Charlotte Blasiol, Leena Geloo, and Timothy Jones September 17, 2021

Since Sept. 10, multiple incidents have occurred involving students vandalizing school property, following the TikTok trend by the name of “Devious Lick.” This has included stealing soap dispensers, clogging toilets...

Students and staff look forward to a more normal year
Students and staff look forward to a more normal year
Yashasvi Banka, Akhil Angajala, Justin Cretella, Benjamin Ainsworth, Kimia Rahnavard, and Grace Gibbens May 25, 2021

As the year starts to come to an end, many staff and students are starting to look back on the past year of Covid-19 and start thinking about the changes they hope to see in school next year. When Mrs. Jennifer Wright...

Seventh Grader CJ Berejik looking at a map RCMS to prepare for their first time back in school.
8th-graders offer advice to 7th-graders on homework, friends, and more
Dhara Mudras May 25, 2021

Some students didn’t get a chance to go into the RCMS building this year because of Covid-19, and next year, they might struggle with the transition from online middle school to in-person, so eighth-graders have some advice...

Drishti Nishar is virtually creating a lesson plan on April 23 for her dance class which she is assisting at to help students grow as dancers.
Pandemic affected completion of the National Junior Honor Society service hours 
Anika Atluri, Aastha Doshi, and Ananya Potdar May 20, 2021
“Putting the common good above ourselves is fundamental for our community and our country,” she said.
Seventh-grader Anthony Muse works on his computer at a socially distanced desk
Covid safety guidelines work efficiently, students say
Benjamin Shield, Writer • May 20, 2021

Students of Rachel Carson feel new Covid-19 restrictions put into place by schools since March 2021 have been efficient at keeping them safe.  Restrictions have evolved since the reopening of school. This is due to the CDC,...

Seventh-grade English teacher Ms. Amy Allen promotes the importance of Mental Health through her clothes.
‘May’king mental health a priority
Rayna Kim, Writer • May 20, 2021

Quarantine and online school has been quite a journey.  Starting from the first day of school, everything has been a whirlwind of events and a great variety of emotions. Now, this one-of-a-kind year is coming to a close....

Hosts, intermediate hosts, and different introductions for various disease-related to COVID-19 shown in a chart.
Staff and students agree with scientists’ COVID-19 origin theory
Yuting Liu, Writer • May 20, 2021

While lab leak theories abound, the bulk of RCMS faculty and students acknowledge that the most rational COVID-19 introduction theory was from a host to an intermediate animal to a human, which is what many scientists around...

Students in class working
Students and staff enjoy benefits of four days a week in school
Anthony Muse, Writer • May 20, 2021

More students are returning to their classes in person all week long because they think it is easier than online classes. Edwin Monje Ramirez, a seventh-grader at RCMS, said, “Why stay at home when you could go in person,...

Rising ninth-graders share their opinion on attending high schools Chantilly (pictured above), Oakton, Southlakes, Westfield and Herndon next school year.
Eighth-graders share thoughts on entering high school
Keely Wen, Writer • May 20, 2021

Eighth-grade RCMS students are feeling excited but anxious about the transition into high school in fall of 2021, as middle school comes to an end.  “I have mixed emotions, but I am mainly excited,” says RCMS eighth-grader...

Hoodies such as this and casual clothes are becoming popular during quarantine, according to Mr. Bickford.
Student and teacher fashion evolves during quarantine
Vaidehi Rajagopalan, Writer • May 20, 2021

After more than a year in quarantine, some Rachel Carson Middle School students and faculty reveal that quarantine has greatly impacted their personal style, by either relaxing their clothes or boosting creativity. RCMS...

Students from two years ago doing a project. Since of COVID-19 things will not look the same this year but they are trying to make it as similar as possible
Online summer courses offer chance to get ahead
Kaylin White, Writer • May 20, 2021

With Fairfax County Public Schools throughout the course of June and July students will be able to take summer courses to catch up, earn a credit, get ahead, or retake the course if they did not do as well as they hoped during...

Current RCMS debaters share their experiences and the benefits of debate
Haasini Govindu, Writer • May 20, 2021

“Debate forces you to change your point of view,” says Advik Sood, a seventh-grader at RCMS. “It allows you to express your opinions and thoughts, and that’s what I like about it.” Students at Rachel Carson...

Seventh-grader Emily Lasure poses for a first day of school picture.
Middle school students offer advice to rising seventh-graders
Aamena Muneer and Diya Palaniappan May 20, 2021

New teens come across a lot of change in the upcoming years, from new schools to new social groups.  The experience of transitioning to middle school varies for everyone. It is the beginning of a new path that leads to...

Gabi Lopez, RCMS seventh-grader says that she does all her homework on asynchronous Mondays.
Some students at RCMS believe homework is unnecessary with concurrent learning
Cailyn Johnson, Journalism student • May 20, 2021

With numerous articles written about how COVID-19 has altered the way many people value homework, some are asking if students should be getting homework while they are learning virtually from home.  “Because students...

Cicadas reappear after 17 years
Jason Liu, Writer • May 20, 2021

After 17 years of dormancy, Brood X cicadas reemerged throughout Virginia in the beginning of May 2021. “They’re going to be everywhere in the next few weeks,” said Mr. Kevin Reif, an eighth-grade RCMS science teacher. Brood...

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