Best uses of ChatGPT debated


Faysal Jan, a seventh- grader interacts with ChatGPT.

With new artificial intelligence technology released this school year, both experts and school staff are trying to figure out how to use it to help and not to harm their learning.

A program called ChatGPT has recently had a big impact on people, especially teachers, students, and the schools. ChatGPT is a feature programmed by Open AI, where you can type a question in their question box, and it will give you a detailed answer very fast, or even write essays. 

ChatGPT can be a benefit and a disadvantage, depending on how you use it. Relying too much on ChatGPT has negative effects. You could get an honor code violation if you use it to cheat. Though, it is ok if you use ChatGPT to get suggestions about a topic, and then if you write about the topic in your own words. 

Ms. Megan Carr, a technology specialist at RCMS, said an appropriate use of the new technology would be to brainstorm. 

“ChatGPT can help students get guidance if they need help on a topic,” she added, “and it can help teachers meet the needs for all types of learners and by modifying assignments.”

Hannah Daniel, who is a senior at Cornell and has worked for Google says it be can also used for collecting information. She said students shouldn’t be allowed to use ChatGPT because of how accessible it is and that students could cheat.

Dr. Chandra Pauline, a global expert who works in social medicine and technology, said students need to use ChatGPT wisely and still use their minds too.

“Students shouldn’t rely too much on ChatGPT,” she said in an interview with the Carson Chronicle. 

She said students should find other ways to get information, and it is not good to rely too much on one source.” 

Use the information that ChatGPT gives you, and do your own thinking,” she said. “Human and machine should work in collaboration to improve outcomes for our future society.”