Carson Literary Magazine is back but digital


Maisie Smith-Zoh

Photo Credit: Maisie Smith-Zoh

The Carson Literary Magazine is back, but it’s digital! It wasn’t here last year so it’s new to all students as of 2022-2023.

The Carson Literary Magazine is a tradition where students send in their various artworks or literature for the school to view. The school is looking for original artworks and literature. There is no prompt, so students are free to draw what they want.

“It’s a collection of art pieces that everyone in our school has created, ” said Maisie Smith-Zoh, an eighth-grader on the Explorers team as well as a member of the Carson Lit Mag Club. “It shows who we are as a school and the talents we have individually.”

Students were able to submit a variety of types of art and literature. They could write and submit prose, fictional short stories, any type of poetry, memoirs, non-fiction, letters and quotes. They could create and submit digital art, paintings, sketches, drawings, sculptures, and photography. They even could make a comic.

Submissions were due May 19. The school considered all that has been submitted, but only some could make it into the Carson Literary Magazine.

“There are lots of submissions,” says Mrs. Carmen Johnson-Donald, the eighth-grade English teacher on the Explorers team. “All of them are so impressive to me!”

A team of 10 students managed the Carson Literary Magazine with Mrs. Johnson-Donald after school during A block on Monday. They assisted her with publishing the article, deciding what pieces to submit, and more.

Maisie explains what she does: “I attended the meetings to put together the magazine for it to be eventually shared.”

The Carson Literary Magazine was not here for the past three years due to Covid-19. 

“In the past we always had a physical copy,” Mrs. Johnson-Donald, “but this year we’re doing digital”

The plan is to be similar to what it was like before, but students this year will be able to post their music link into the digital version of the Carson Literary Magazine. In the past, students were only able to put the sheet music they created. 

Mrs. Johnson-Donald said, “Students should feel proud of submitting their work as they will continue the Carson Legacy!”