Ms. Hitz sets the bar high for the new band teacher


Ms. Hitz, the RCMS band teacher conducts the Concert Band.

Jagruthi Narra, Writer

The blinding sunlight shines over the room, giving the flutes a heavenly glint. The baton rises swiftly and sharply, prompting the deep sound of clarinets and tubas reverberating off the walls, sending chills down everyone’s spines. The jolly tune of saxophones and trumpets ring brightly, bringing life to the music. 

“So much music, and incredible students,” said Ms. Hitz, the band teacher.

Ms. Hitz had started teaching here at RCMS nine years ago when her son was born. She has been the amazing teacher everyone loves. After being the RCMS band teacher for so long, she is packing her bags and getting ready to leave for Robinson Secondary School.

Ms. Hitz sent out an email to all band students’ families, informing them about her new opportunities at Robinson Secondary. The news spread like wildfire through the halls of RCMS, and within just a few hours, the entire school had heard. Many students had thought it was a rumor, or maybe a simple joke, but when Ms. Hitz couldn’t hold her tears during class one day, everyone knew Ms. Hitz would soon be leaving.

“Even in tense moments she always has a positive attitude,” said Nikitha Duraisamy, a seventh-grader on the Mavericks team.

Ms. Hitz had always known she wanted to pursue a career in teaching. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to teach math or music. She ended up becoming a music teacher because of the scholarships, and even now that she looks back, she wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Ms. Hitz teaches her students valuable lessons, not just about music, but about how to be the best person they can be. She encourages them everyday to push themselves a little bit more, and to improve their skills, and she constantly tells her students that “the little things are big.”

“I think we will have a new type of constructive community,” said Ishika Thalluri, a seventh-grader on the Mavericks team.

Ms. Hitz has made some very special memories at RCMS, and she has had some of the most exciting experiences. She changed the way students see music, and see the world. She will be greatly missed at RCMS next year, but she will always be remembered for the wonderful teacher and amazing person she is.

Ms. Hitz’s eyes glistened as she said “There’s a team…a really great team.”