RCMS preparing for music department trip to Kings Dominion


Ms. Devyn Wilcox-Grimes (left), Ms. Christen Reddig (middle), and Ms. Tiffany Hitz (right) excited for the upcoming trip.

On June 9, the RCMS music department is taking the spring trip to Kings Dominion. Everyone is super excited for the thrill of the park.

In past years and trips there have been so many unique experiences.

“A student won me a massive hamster I carried around which was really cool except that I had to carry this massive heavy hamster around,” said the RCMS orchestra director, Mrs. Devyn Wilcox-Grimes.

During the pandemic the music department took a hard hit and couldn’t go on trips and some could barely play.

“Last year was our first time since the pandemic so that was really special for us and just having fun with students after not being able to for so long,” said Mrs. Wilcox-Grimes.

Even when the weather goes wrong we can still have a blast.

“One year it rained and they closed rides because of lightning,” the band director Mrs. Tiffany Hitz said, “students had fun playing in the rain and bus rides were awesome. Singing songs, having fun together and making new friends.”

There are a lot of different activities and things you can do at the park from food to roller coasters there are things for everyone.

Seventh grade chorus student, Chase Nelson on the Trailblazers team said, “I’m just going to go on a lot of roller coasters and be with my friends.”

If you don’t like roller coasters there’s plenty for you too.

“So typically I spend my day eating food and riding the carousel,” Mrs. Wilcox-Grimes said, “there is usually food like funnel cake, dip and dots, gelato, frozen bananas and those pineapples they hollow out and fill with dole whip.”

This trip is super special to the music department for so many reasons.

Isabel Cheruvathur, a seventh-grader band student, on the Mavericks team said, “We’re doing it with our friends and we all share the same view of experiences.”

Rather some people think it’s a reward for music students. 

“We worked hard all year and had multiple performances so it’s like  our reward,” said Jaydyn Tilley, seventh grade chorus student, on the Mavericks team.

Sometimes it’s about the memories you make.

“This trip is really special,” Mrs. Wilcox-Grimes said, “it’s the whole music department together and we don’t have a lot of days to spend as a big music family.”