A day in life of a RCMS student

Arvind Ramesh, Writer

The morning silence in the school is broken as 20 buses pull into the front of the school. There is an uproar as almost a thousand students start to come into the building. Kids push and shove as they make their way to their locker. All the students head to their 1st period with all of their stuff. 45 seconds before the bell. The stirring music starts up. Kids pick up their pace as they try not be late for their 1st period. 15 seconds later the bell to start first period goes off. The remaining kids in the hallway start to change a slow shuffle into a fast walk to get into class in time. One and a half hours later, the silent hallways are yet again loud with the movement of all the students headed to their lockers and Panther time. After three more periods go by, the last bell of the school day, a.k.a. the Liberty Bell, rings. The hallways are packed in a traffic jam as all the kids squeeze through all gaps possible to get to their locker fast. Most of the kids head to their buses to go home right away. The other kids head in a different direction to go to after school activities. After 1 hour passes, the bell for the first block of after school activities rings, signaling the second half’s starting. After another hour, the bell for the second block rings. This is the very last bell of the day. As the last batch of students head home on their late buses, things start settling down around the school as it is prepared for the next day.