Why are there no middle school sports in FCPS?

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Currently Fairfax County schools don’t have sports, but why?

“I think that kids are active enough outside of school or involved in a sports program,” says gym teacher Ms. Peterson. “People that are interested they are already in something and we have a few things already.”

Ms. Peterson and Principal Stokes both agree that the middle schools in Fairfax County don’t need middle school sports. Mr. Stokes thinks that school-sponsored events that have to do with sports work better than actual leagues.

Although Fairfax County does not have middle school sports other counties nearby such as Loudoun County and Prince William County do. Both counties offer many different sports for the kids to play such as soccer, basketball and track. Prince William County believes that sports provide students with opportunities that supplement the classroom experience and engage the student in challenging and creative experiences.

When asked if budget cuts affect our sports here, Mr. Stokes says, “Yes it does.” Ms. Peterson says, “We just never had sports here.”

All sports are something people love to play for fun, or as something competitive. To stay healthy we stay active. In sports, you can’t win until you learn how to lose. Our middle school has a few sports, but not that many. Though as we get older we will have many opportunities in sports at school.

If we would have sports at our middle school Ms. Peterson would go for volleyball and floor hockey. Mr. Stokes would like to have basketball, soccer, volleyball and track.

Mr. Stokes said “I would not want/advise actual leagues for safety reasons, but having a few special events here and there would be fine.” These fun events can help fundraise for several various causes.  

Some of our after-school sports activities will begin in springtime since it is harder to find days we can be outside in the fall and winter because of the cold conditions outside. The after-school sports we have here at Rachel Carson include kickball, soccer and flag football.

Even if we currently don’t have sports here, never give up if you have future dreams in sports. Don’t give up no matter how hard it gets.

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