Halloween got scarier and more enjoyable with Fields of Fear


When Halloween rolls around, Herndon’s popular scare attraction opens and visitors come looking for a good scare. This event is known for its spooky nightmare which scares the bravest of people. This event is known as Fields of Fear!   

“Actually pretty cool, I got touched by a clown,” said Sebastian an eighth grader, who went to Fields of Fear. Fields of Fear  is an event that happens at night, from 7 to 11 p.m. at Cox Farms. In the event, there are three different attractions: The Darkside Hayride, The Corn Maze, and The Forest. He went through all of the attractions for $25. “It was fun, if you go with your friends. If you go by yourself you’d be terrified,” he said. He gave the experience, “A good 8!” out of 10.                                                                                                

Ms. Elizabeth Joyce, a seventh grade Trailblazer math teacher, said,“The creepiest part was the dolls, because you have no idea when something is going to pop out.” This happened during the Darkside Hayride. The Darkside Hayride is when you go on a hayride down a windy path, and along the way there are jump scares, in this case it was a haunted circus theme this year. So there would be clowns popping out, animals would escape from their cages, and try to touch you, and more.

Ms. Joyce went with two of her friends, Ms. Maitland Mann and Ms. Eleanor Donlen. “The best part was watching my friends getting so scared!” Ms. Joyce said.

“Fields of Fear has been a popular attraction for a very long time,” said Ms. Mann. “The best part was the haunted hayride because it wasn’t the scariest part but they upped it from before. So we went on a Trail of Fear which was really scary but it depends where you are,” she added.  

The Forest is when you walk through a dark forest, with many trees beside you to make you feel claustrophobic as you’re walking down a windy path. Then clowns with chainsaws, ghosts, skeletons, mummies and more pop out when unexpected.      

“The best part was The Corn maze! It was really intense and it gets your adrenaline pumping and you don’t know what to expect!” said Mai Lim, an eighth grader. The Corn maze is where you have to walk for miles through a corn field, with obstacles that include zombies, aliens, bugs, caves, doctors, and don’t forget the clowns!

“It was fun and somewhat scary because in the corn maze you don’t know when it starts and what’s coming!” Mai Lim also said.

Fields of Fear wasn’t enjoyed by everyone until the events actually started. Many people complained of terrible customer service, and parking. “To get in you have to pay for tickets right,” an anonymous seventh grader said. “And my mom paid the wrong amount on accident and the cashier got so mad. Then the cashier was being very rude towards my mom. Also the other problem is that Cox Farms is a two-way road, and it’s a skinny road. The traffic is ridiculous. There is terrible parking space. Customer service doesn’t want to help you. They could have managed ticketing and parking better.”

“So many people rated it good so I figured it would be good,” Annika Yu said. “I went on all the rides and after going on all of them I realized that they weren’t actually that scary and it wasn’t thrilling. In a way it wasn’t worth it. It was also really expensive, the tickets were overpriced, the line into the farm area was super long and backed up, and there was only one person directing  where to park. They could have managed traffic better.”

“I feel like tickets were overpriced for what they provided,” said Ellis Mohler, a seventh grader on the Majestics team. “The Hayride could have been scarier, but overall I had a good experience.” “My favorite part about Fields of Fear was The Forest because, it was really scary with a lot of jump scares, but it was really fun at the same time.”

Some visitors plan their next visit and some are too frightened to ever step foot on Cox Farms. As Fields of Fear closes every year in November many visitors reminisce the events that went on there. Are you brave enough to experience Fields of Fear?