Rachel Carson vs. Langston Hughes basketball games

James Lerner and Will Trivett

On March 16, at 6:30 the students, teachers and parents, all piled into the Rachel Carson gym for the three highly anticipated basketball games against Langston Hughes.

It all started with the seventh-grade boys, where Rachel Carson took a demanding win, followed by the eighth-grade boys where Langston Hughes stole the close game, closed out by the combined seventh-and-eighth-grade girls teams, where the Langston Hughes girls closed out the big win to take the series 2-1 in favor of Langston Hughes.

“Overall it was a great experience,” said Aiden Billings. “I was a super excited to play in the game.”   

Aiden, a seventh-grader at Rachel Carson, was excited to finally get the chance to play for his school. He led his team to a big win, as well as a huge start to the following two games. He and many of the other players were excited for the game but also a little nervous. He was very thankful to have the opportunity to play in front of his school.

“I really wanted to win, I competed, but I also went out and had fun,” said Gabriel Shanks.

Gabriel Shanks, an eighth-grader at Rachel Carson, played well in the eighth-grade game. All the players out on the floor on that Friday night played as hard as they could and gave it all they got.

Will Vetter, an eighth-grader at Rachel Carson, felt that the game could have and should have been won by Carson.

“I think that we needed to play better defense, then we would’ve been okay,” Will explained.

The games that took place that Friday night for many were more than a game, but more of a moment some will always remember.