When each team can expect to see a movie


Chase Koller, Writer

The end of the school year is a busy yet relaxing time for many, as SOLs are over and fun team-centered games are beginning. One activity you can expect to take part in is your final team time.

The final team time is enjoyable for many as students get to enjoy team related games and watch a movie. Each grade will participate in similar activities, but will watch two different movies. Eighth grade will watch “Miracle,” while seventh-graders watch “October Sky.” Dream Team, Wolves, Explorers, Legacy, and Xtreme Team will view the movies on Tuesday, June 12. Following them, Trailblazers, Voyagers, Champions, and The Majestics, can expect to see the movie on Wednesday, June 13. Finally, Thursday, June 14, the Dolphins and Yellow Jackets will be watching their movie during the final team time.