Students need more time between classes

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Dear Editor,

I believe that students don’t have enough time to comfortably get from class to class and instead of the four minutes we have between classes, there should be five. With only four minutes between classes, seventh graders can barely get from A pod to the trailers. This is especially if they have to stop by their lockers. Eighth graders would have an even larger difficulty getting to their classes because they only have core classes upstairs and the eighth graders would have to go downstairs for their electives and gym. Five minutes would be reasonable because it is only one minute more and it roughly takes three to four minutes to get anywhere in the school. So even if it took four minutes to get to their class, people would still have enough time to go to their locker and not be late to their class. This would also make the students safer because fewer people would feel a need to run in between classes because they know they have more time to get to their class and won’t feel rushed. The extra four minutes needed in a day could be evenly distributed between every period except for the lunch periods. If they were evenly distributed, that would only result in a loss of 48 seconds per period. Those 48 seconds would barely amount to anything and in turn, they would give the students less stress to getting to their classes on time.


Sophia Yao

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