Counselors giving bullying and harassment lessons

Anjali Maddipatla, Writer

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Throughout the month, the counselors of Rachel Carson Middle School are giving students a talk on bullying and harassment in their history and civics classes.

Every student will hear the talk once in October, but the information that will be discussed will also be emphasized throughout the rest of middle school and high school. The lesson will include a discussion on bullying and sexual harassment, and the consequences of both.

“Although we have great kids at Carson, some negative behaviors still take place in every school where peers are not always nice or respectful to each other,” stated Ms. Gina Fajardo, RCMS school counselor, “and it’s important that they learn the golden rule of friendship to treat others the way that they want to be treated.”

The counselors of Rachel Carson Middle School do hear of bullying at times. Teachers are good at informing the counselors and administrators about bullying if it is happening, but often times it comes from the students themselves. Consequences for bullying or harassment can range from a parent-teacher conference to a recommendation for expulsion.

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