Wii club: a place to relax and make friends

Jayson Bell, Writer

Wii Club is a place for all students to chat, relax and play games with friends. It is also a place for students to make new friends. A lot of students come to Wii Club to play games with their friends or to take a brain break.

“I just go to Wii club to chill,” said Kashantis Anderson, 13, Dolphins.  

Wii Club is a great place for students who are stressed. In Wii Club you can play games on your phone or on a console. Rachel Carson has a Wii, Wii u, 2 Xbox 360s, PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation 4. The club is sponsored by Mr. Jeremy Schutt, eighth-grade P.E. teacher.

There are a lot of games to play, but Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a game like no other. There are often at least 10 people playing Super Smash Bros. It is a fighting game with Nintendo characters. You have to knock the other players out of the arena and be the last one standing to win.

Fifa is a soccer game. You can play as your favorite soccer team/player and go head to head with your friend.

“FIFA is the best,” said Yi Chen, 13, X-Treme.

Mario Kart is a racing game with lots of maps and cars. Choose your favorite character and race your against opponents. Collect power ups to help you win.

“I like playing games at Wii Club,” said Danny, 13, Yellow Jackets.

Wii club is Mondays and Wednesdays after school in the aux. gym. Sign up during lunch.