FCPS school should have no school on Muslim holidays

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Dear Editor,

I believe that FCPS schools should be closed on two Muslim holidays, Eid al-Adha and Eid al- Fitr, so that Muslim students can celebrate and enjoy their holiday with their families. In reality, many Muslim students cannot embrace and celebrate their religious holidays because their parents don’t want them missing school. They have to attend school even on the Eid holiday. This is a choice some parents and students say they shouldn’t have to make. They shouldn’t be compelled to choose between their religious obligations and an instructional day.

Students who do not celebrate these Muslim holidays can also benefit from a day off. They can have some free time or can complete their assignments. This addition of Muslim holidays will teach students to learn about religious tolerance and the social contributions of various cultures. This can be beneficial for teachers as well. By getting more time, teachers can get extra time to grade papers and plan lessons to help their students learn more. They can also enjoy some more time off from their job and can spend time with their family.

The United States is a multicultural society and is based on equality for everyone. There is a large number of Muslims living in Virginia who  should be able to observe their religious holidays at home with their families. At least six U.S. school districts already close on both Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr. New York City joins school districts in other states, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maryland, that similarly observe Muslim holidays. FCPS school board should recognize our growing Muslim community and honor its contribution to our state by allowing the two Eid holidays.

I hope that FCPS school board decides to close school on Muslim holidays. Muslim students would really appreciate embracing their religious holidays at home.


Rania Shah

Seventh grade

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