More time to eat lunch

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Students should have more time to eat lunch because if your class is far away and you buy lunch, the lunch line will be long, and by the time you get your food, you have like five minutes to eat. This is causing kids to run as fast as they can to get to the cafeteria early so they can get in line first because if you’re at the back of the lunch line you have no time to eat.  

Students that are in the trailers always get to cafeteria last, so the line is always long. Students that have classes get to the cafeteria right away so they always get a very short lunch line. I think fifth and fourth period teachers that have a class far away should let the kids leave two minutes before the lunch bell rings.

Students should ask their teachers that have classes that are far away to leave early once in a while so they have more time to eat.


Seventh grade

Dream team

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