Police body cameras: Make or break

To many, police body cameras seem like a good, mind blowing invention that will change the world. But in reality, body cameras are inefficient and a burden to our society.

First of all, police cameras don’t show the full picture of what is actually happening. For example, if a police is pointing a gun at someone, you won’t be able to tell since the body camera is on the person himself. We don’t need to waste money on police body cameras when we have street and traffic cameras that are more efficient.

This takes my to my next point: cost. Giving police departments body cameras is overly expensive as the department has to pay not only for the camera but also for training, managing data, and such. Not only this, but battery life on the cameras has to stay for the entire work day, meaning that the quality would probably decrease quickly.

We should eliminate the use of police cameras. They are inefficient and can burden America as a society and a democracy.


Lavanya Meduri

12 years old