Why do students get homework?


A child that needs help on her homework.

Morgan Goree

As a student you go to school every single day, you do your work in class and listen to your teachers everyday. Then, you come home most likely hoping that you can sleep or eat, and your reminded  out of nowhere that you have homework to do. No matter if it’s a little bit of homework or a lot of homework, why are students given it? Why can’t students get their  work done at school? I know some teachers are  like, “It’s for practice”. But why don’t we do that “practice” at school? Sometimes students have to stay up all night just to finish some homework. All this homework can cause students to be stressed out, tired, lose weight, exhaustion or have anxiety.

Homework makes students lose their free time and sleep. Students always get homework, when do they have time to live? Lots of homework puts a lot of pressure on students, which will make them lose interest in school real fast. Students are already tired and sleepy because they have to wake up so early in the morning, homework won’t do anything but add on to it. If schools stopped giving homework to students and learn what they need to learn in school, then students wouldn’t have to go threw all of that.


Morgan Goree

7th Grade RCMS