Career day: in progress


Eric Zeng

Mrs. Sona Sharma-Chibber will help arrange Career day at RCMS.

Eric Zeng, Writer

On May 31, seventh-grade students will explore their interests and passions through Career Day at Rachel Carson Middle School. 

Career Day is made to give students an outlook about jobs for their future, or as Mrs. Rhonda Jones Howard, Science teacher at RCMS, says, “For example, if you want to be a doctor and you’re scared of blood…”

According to Mrs. Sona Sharma-Chibber, a science teacher at RCMS, career day is spending a day with a professional in the classroom. She says, “I think it’s important because students get to talk with professionals and they might want that profession.”

Most of the speakers have a background in STEM. The speakers follow a list of guidelines for what they have to cover. They talk about how their career has been, how they were inspired to choose that job, and what they went through.

“[It’s] learning their journey,” says Mrs. Sharma.

Instead of having students keep their unrealistic goals such as a rock star, singer or gamer, career day gives students a sense of reality.

“It’s the real world aspect,” says Mrs. Jones Howard.

Career day gives insights to why students should attend school, and close experience with their interests. Speakers at RCMS are usually somebody a student’s parents or staff know.

At RCMS, speakers integrate citizenship skills learned in school, like time management, integrity, respect, and cooperation, into their speeches. They tell students how the subjects in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) can help them with their later life, and give personal examples of citizenship skills in their workplace. Speakers are paired up with a seventh-grade math or science teacher and follow their given schedule.

Last year at Rachel Carson, according to the teachers who arranged it, it was a big success. Out of 105 students who were interviewed last year, 85% of the students said that they learned something important or interesting. According to Mrs. Rebecca Little, a counselor at RCMS, some guest speakers last year included an aerospace engineer, pharmacist, airline pilot and a remote sensing scientist.

This year, Mrs. Little, Mrs. Jones Howard and Mrs. Sharma-Chibber are arranging everything to work out for career day. They all have very high opinions of career day.

“I think it’s fascinating to bring in someone who’s an expert in their field,” says Mrs. Little. Her main job is to recruit guest speakers to join RCMS for Career day.

Mrs. Sharma-Chibber helps Mrs. Little and also takes care of the gifts for the speakers.

As a result of the field trip for music students planned on the same date, classes at RCMS are combined, since many of the students who take music will be missing. Close to half of the students at RCMS take a music class.

At RCMS, the speakers eat lunch with the students, where they can further talk to students about their professions. Their lunches are arranged by Mrs. Jones Howard.

“[Career Day] is where kids can get a sampling of [other jobs],” says Mrs. Little. 

All of the teachers arranging career day for this year say they think career day will be a success this year and be continued on for years to come.

“Oh I am excited,” says Mrs. Jones Howard. “It’s a great way to work with the community.”