Panther vs Eagles Futsal Game


Anushka Kulkarni, Writer

On Saturday, April 27, at 6:30 p.m the RCMS Panthers played against Lanier Middle School in a Futsal Game.

Rachel Carson played three games against Lanier, with their two boys teams and one girls team. The game lasted almost three hours, as the three teams played competitively, wanting to win.

The teams had around 15 minutes to practice and talk to the coach, Mr. Mark Bolt, before each game started. The first game started off smoothly as Rachel Carson’s team got the ball, but Lanier cut in, stole the ball and made a goal.

After a few scores, Lanier was leading 5 to 1. After that, one of the Rachel Carson players tripped and got a free shot. As the timer went off, Lanier was in the lead 8-2 as the team took a break. The next round of the game was starting as the two teams fought for the ball up and down the court while both teams were making goals.

The final timer went off signaling the game was over. Lanier officially won with a score of 15-3. The second team got on the court as they used their time to talk to the coach and practice. As the game was starting, the audience was filled with hope that Rachel Carson would win this game.

The teams were only girls with a boy keeper. The girls played with much more aggression than the first team. The ball would make a loud noise after being kicked sometimes. Both teams were scoring.

The team showed great sportsmanship. A girl from Lanier’s team helped up another girl on Carson’s side after she fell down. The timer went off indicating the first round of the game was over, both teams tied 1-1. As the second round started the crowd was cheering as the goalie from Carson’s side blocked Lanier’s attempt to score a goal.

Both teams were playing at their best, as it showed on their faces. Lanier ended up making a goal, the score was 2-1. As Lanier was making another attempt to score Carson’s goalie made another block, which made players parents in the Carson side cheer.

But Lanier wasn’t giving up as they attempted again, missing the first try but making the second try changing the score 3-1. As they kept going for the ball, both teams were clashing. As they were playing Lanier and Carson both scored a goal making the score 4-2.

When there were 40 seconds left, Carson almost made a goal but missed as the buzzer went off, with a final score of 5-2 with Lanier winning the game. “I thought we had a chance,” said one player’s mom.

Player Crystal MacDonald, a 14-year-old on the eighth-grade Voyagers team, explained how she felt by saying, “ I don’t know, I felt mad because we lost.”

In the third game, the audience grew hopeful, as the players played with a lot of energy with Carson scoring a point. The game was noticeably played with a lot more energy than previous games, as the players chest bumped and headbutted throughout the court.

The two teams tied 1-1, filling Carson’s side with hope. Carson and Lanier both scored, tying at 2-2. The game was heated, as the audience was anticipating what would happen next. The score was 3-2 as there was one minute left. As Carson missed a goal, the timer went off signaling the game was over. Carson lost all three games against Lanier.

Mr. Bolt stated, “Lanier has a very strong group of kids.”