Eighth-graders to celebrate with Neon Night

Nathalia Ayivor and Anushka Kulkarni

The upcoming event Neon Night is a celebration before the last day of school on June 12, for the eighth- graders to make memories of one of their last times at Rachel Carson.

The event is from 6:30 p.m to 9 p.m. divided into the cafeteria, health rooms and the gym. The celebration includes karaoke, DJ, activities, photo booths and refreshments. Tickets were sold for $25.

For eighth-graders wondering if they should go, Mr. Adam Pawlowski, an after school specialist, said, “They always have fun, every year!” Sometimes teachers would even join in to dance.

According to Mr. Pawlowski, the eighth-graders get to vote on what they’d like in the events, and that there was a different theme every year and way more added on opportunities.

Mrs. Christina Oh and Mr. Christopher Powell, two assistant principals, along with Mr. Gordon Stokes, the principal, will be involved in the event, as well as some teachers and parent volunteers.