RCMS step team’s journey to the game


Amyah Smith

Step team practicing for upcoming performances.

Amyah Smith and Rahel Teni

The bass of the music booms as you hear the stomps of the step team as they enter the gym for their performance. The claps and cheering of the crowd fills the gym as they see the team enter. The music comes to a sudden halt as do the steppers then their performance begins.

“I’m proud of the team both in step and in their academics,” said Ms.Susan Miles, sponsor for the step team, and RCMS English teacher. The step team has been working hard since September, planning and making routines for their future performances and competitions. Recently, they had their first performance on Dec. 6 at the basketball game.

“Yeah, I went to the basketball game and saw the step performance,” said Justice Hunter, RCMS student of the Dream Team. “It was a great addition to the game.”

Step is a form of dance which had originated from a traditional African gumboot dance, this is considered to be one of steps biggest influences. A big part of step, is the footwork, the stomping and different beats made with the person’s foot is what makes step, step.

In step, people also use their arms and hands to pat different parts of their body to also make sound. Stepping also includes some cheerleading, military, and drill team movements which show the pride of step. That also shows that step is very well put together and requires discipline and the ability to follow instructions. When done correctly puts on an amazing performance.

The step team had to work very hard to get all the grades to where they needed to be before going on to the stage. The requirements were no D’s or F’s or else they would have to sit out until they can get their grades up.

“I like that at step we have time to do our homework in case we don’t have time at home,” Zaria Butler, step team member explains. Academics is a very important part of step as grades really do affect the team.

Since the tryouts for the team in September, the step team has been working hard in preparation for their performances and competitions.

“They have been working really hard and their ready to perform,” Ms.Miles said.

Before going on to the court at the basketball game Dec. 6, the step team had gone into the AUX gym to rehearse before their performance. Former step team members from the past year helped out with music and preparations.

As the step team tries out last minute ideas and time runs short the steppers start getting very anxious about their performance. They then start second guessing themselves, but with the reassurance of their former step team members, they manage to get into place and get ready for their half-time performance.

“S-T-E-P T-E-A-M,” said the steppers on the team as they start of their performance with a chant. They go on to do their first step routine. After the first routine, the steppers move into their next formation as the crowd cheers.

The head captain, Kai Whitaker, then signals the team to start their next step. You can see the tough, determined looks on their faces as they start stepping again. When they finish the performance they are followed by a roar of applause from the crowd as they exit the gym.

“I think they did really good, and they were focused on their stepping,” said Bridget Jagoo, RCMS student, of the Yellow Jackets Team.

Many people thought that the step team did really well and enjoyed the half-time performance.

“It was pretty good, everyone was very loud and it was well performed,” said Gabby McNeal, RCMS student, of the Majestics team.

Lots of people loved the teamwork that went into the performance.

“It was good and the synchronization was nice,” said Jordan Hunter, RCMS student, of the Champions team.

After the performance, the steppers felt extremely proud of themselves and were very happy about their first performance.

“I like being step captain because I feel like I’m leading a little family,” Kai said. “I think our team did really good and I’m proud of how hard they’ve worked so far.”

“I felt relieved and proud because we did pretty good but I also think we can and will get better,” JoJo Akouete, step team member said.

While they could finally let go of all their anxiousness, it wouldn’t last long because of all the other upcoming performances such as the Stompfest Competition, the Shamrock Competition and many more.