Bring back recess

Gary Grigoryan and Mokshith Valleri

Dear Editor, 

All through our elementary school days, we had some form of recess spanning from around 20-30 minutes. We all enjoyed playing basketball, 4-square, tag, or just standing around talking to friends. Middle school students get lots of work throughout the day and need something to look forward to and get their minds off work. Moving around can help kids stay healthy. They are also less likely to gain weight and become obese.

According to Scholastic Action, experts say that about 40 percent of U.S. school districts have cut out recess entirely. Scientists say that resting your brain helps it work better. Even adults have started taking breaks to rest their brains at work. At Google, employees take breaks to use the office’s Lego station. Workers at Facebook can play video games in the company’s arcade. 

It would be essential for students just to get their minds off of their work and get some fresh air. Students also need to balance standing and sitting for certain time periods. It can be very stressful as students are constantly moving to different classrooms around the building. With recess, students have something to look forward to and it will release students’ stress throughout the day.


Mokshith Valleri, eighth grade


Gary Grigoryan, seventh Grade,