Carson Celebrates Pink Panther Day

A student dresses in pink for a past Pink Panther Day at school.

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A student dresses in pink for a past Pink Panther Day at school.

RCMS is making Breast Cancer Awareness Month virtual this October, with Pink Panther Day, an online tribute wall, and a Breast Cancer Kahoot.

The tenth annual Pink Panther Day was celebrated by students and teachers of Rachel Carson Middle School on October 9 from home. Students and staff participated in several activities during their Panther Time to honor victims and survivors and inform kids about breast cancer while having fun at the same time.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in America aside from skin cancers.  About one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It is a disease where malignant cells, or cancer cells, form in the breast tissues.  Rachel Carson Middle School’s namesake, Rachel Louise Carson, passed away because of breast cancer.  

This year, the online event was organized by Mrs. Elizabeth Donlen, an eighth-grade civics teacher. Along with some SCA members, she created the virtual tribute wall and the Kahoot. 

Typically, Pink Panther Day also raises funds. 

“This year we weren’t able to raise funds due to Covid as we want to be sensitive to the fact that the pandemic is affecting all families differently,” said Mrs. Donlen.

Students and families can continue to support the cause on their own, such as by donating to breast-cancer research groups, wearing pink, and taking part in socially distanced 5k and 3k fundraisers.

Mrs. Donlen received a ton of positive feedback on the activities.

“I would say Pink Panther Day was a success,” she said.