Competitions establish new formats

Rishi Jagarlapudi, Writer

The Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, AMC 8, and MathCounts competitions all have been affected by the pandemic, and now follow different formats.

The Virginia Science Olympiad, VASO, has now changed to MYSO (My Science Olympiad). There is a competition held in the middle of each month from September to May. Students can compete individually or in school teams. RCMS does not have a MYSO team this year, but information and registration for individual participation can be found at

Rachel Carson is not hosting the American Math Competition (AMC) 8 this year but other private institutions offer participation. 

The RCMS MathCounts team will consist of the 15 best scorers in 4 math tests held on the 15th of the months October, November, December, and another test after December. The 60 person limit for participants has been met.

The Science Bowl has been cancelled but the Department of Energy Office of Science is debating smaller virtual competitions for winning regional teams of the past year.