Fortnite and League of Legends banned

Aadit Gupta, Writer

Fortnite was banned from the App Store and then the Play Store on August 13 for using an unapproved payment method. A temporary ban was applied on League of Legends as well for the same reason. 

When Epic games appealed for restoring the game at the Supreme Court, U.S. judges decided that the app store had rights to remove the game and it resulted in a permanent ban. Sources say that it might take a whole year for Fortnite to come back after Epic games appeal at the supreme court again.

President Trump also considered banning Fortnite permanently from the Unites States. Players across the world are waiting for Fortnite to be restored again. People are selling mobile phones triple the price with Fortnite downloaded on it.

Players might be able to see League of Legends back on Play and in the App Store, and Apple is reviewing the ban and will announce a statement soon, to either get it back, or keep it banned.