Students weigh safety on Halloween

Alvera Khatri, Writer

Halloween 2020 led to debates about how to celebrate: Some students thought Halloween was unsafe, others just wanted candy.

Covid-19, by making everyone social distance and wear masks, affected Halloween. 

The CDC recommended precautions for anyone going trick or treating, like taking some precautions and avoiding large groups. 

Willow Kleman, an eighth-grader at Rachel Carson Middle School, agreed with the CDCs recommendations.

“I think it’s okay as long as they take precautions,” says Willow.

Other students were on the rocks about it. 

“The coronavirus spreads if you knock on doors,” says Mobeen Khatri, a seventh-grader at RCMS. Mobeen felt that it was too risky to go trick or treating. He felt the CDC should have been more cautious about their recommendations.

Willow went trick or treating this year and says Halloween was very different then normal. People weren’t traveling in large groups. There was also no person to person contact. She remembers that there were tables outside with bags of candy on them.

Willow also appreciated not having to knock on people’s doors. So could Halloween perhaps have been more fun with these new changes?

“It was the same because we couldn’t do some of the things we usually do,” says Willow.

Willow goes to a parade led by firefighters during Halloween and because of Covid-19 it was canceled. These activities being canceled led to, in her opinion, Halloween being the same amount of fun.

Parents also have different opinions about Halloween. Willow says her parents were okay with trick or treating.

“They didn’t really care to be honest,” says Willow.

Mobeen’s parents on the other hand were hesitant to allow trick or treating during Covid-19. They felt it inadvisable to walk up to people’s doorstep.

Mobeen may have disagreed with the CDCs decision and thus decided to stay home. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have fun on Halloween.

“I think the CDC is taking a bit of a risky move, but it could work as long as people wear masks and continue social distancing.”