Organization essential for virtual learning

Pragati Satish and Sara Bhushan

Keeping track of school assignments without organization can be quite confusing, but there are many ways to stay on track during school and to stay organized. 

Every student at the beginning  of the year is given a Daily Assignment Book (DAB). You can use it to keep track of your assignments and homework to keep track of time management.

“I write in my DAB all the assignments I have that day,” says Hamsika Aella. Having a planner or a calendar helps with writing down when assignments are due.

When it comes to paying attention in class, sleeping is the most important thing to help you focus in class.

“I usually get 9-10 hours of sleep,“ says Simrit Minhas.

Studies show that the correct amount of sleep you need to function is 7 to 9 hours of sleep everyday. Going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier is better than to go to sleep late.

A few places you can work are peaceful quiet places without distractions such as your dining or your room. Keeping electronics such as your phone and other devices help you to focus better and pay more/better attention. Working in places without family or pets could help with distractions.

An average middle schooler takes about 90 minutes to 3 hours for homework and other school-based assignments.

“I think that for me it depends for each assignment,” says Alice Samuel, “but I spend around 2 or 3 hours on assignments.”

Having a schedule is an important part of staying organized so you can keep track of when all of your classes start and end.

“After I finish school I always do my work first to get all of it out of the way,” says Simrit Minhas. “If me and someone else I know have the same homework, then we work on it together. After that we just go outside or binge watch stuff.”