Students and teachers react to the end of the first quarter


Photo Credit: Mrs. Lori Molnar

Seventh-grade Teacher Mrs. Lori Molnar December 19, encourages students to keep moving and ensures them that they can do anything they put effort in.

Moustafa Elkessy, Writer

After the RCMS first quarter ended, teachers and students are left with negative and positive feelings. According to Mrs. Lori Molnar, “I feel that a lot of students are distracted by their home environment and tend to lose focus, but online schooling removes a lot of the stress put on students.”

Online learning can benefit education, releasing stress and helping students to focus. Online learning can also attract students to be more engaged in the occurring lesson.

Coming from Mrs. Kristden Oliver, “Teachers, students, and parents need to embrace technology and not be afraid of it,” 

Due to the recent change of online learning, students, teachers, and staff miss proper social interactions with others which can cause a feeling of loneliness or depression.

  Students and teachers are very fortunate to have a chance to speak to U.S veterans. Veterans day is a once a year event unique to any others.

“Veterans day was easily the best event of the first quarter. It is a unique event that is enjoyable to students and teachers,” said Akhil Angajala.

   Teachers and staff tend to struggle during lessons just like students do. “The worst times involved issues with technology.  So frustrating when my lesson didn’t go as planned due to Wi-Fi or other technology issues,” said Mrs. Oliver. 

 “When students are working in their bedroom and surrounded by all of their stuff, it is not surprising at all that they would want to play games or do anything other than focus on class. It can be very hard for middle school students to hold themselves accountable…so many fun distractions,” said Mrs. Oliver