Schedule returns to normal after students’ return

Benjamin Ainsworth, Writer

Middle schoolers who have to adapt to changes due to students going to in-person learning at Rachel Carson Middle School since March 2 have had their schedule changed back to normal because in-person learning students no longer need the interim schedule.

Since students who have chosen in-person learning went back to school, the school schedule for all students was changed to accommodate for the needs of the in-person students. 

The initial changes included switching fourth period with first period so that in-person learning students could fit with the new lunch schedule. 

The schedule has been shifted a lot during the month of March, including Panther time check ins on Monday. The schedule for March 2 – March 12 was periods 4, 3, 5, 7 for A days and for B days it has been periods 2, 1, 6, 8. From March 16 and onwards, the schedule is back to normal on having odd period numbers on A days, and even period numbers on B days.

Panther Time check ins on Mondays have switched to a Google form except for classes that chose to keep the old type of check-in.