Know the transportation rules for in-person learning

Now that students are back in the school building, buses are in use, albeit with some new guidelines to ensure the safety of RCMS students and bus drivers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Changes such as a reduced seating capacity and a mask mandate are in place.

Students will load the bus from front to back, and unload the bus from back to front to help enforce social distancing. Only one student is allowed per seat, and that student should sit next to the window; although if they are siblings from the same household they can share a seat.

Students can also use the kiss-and-ride system to arrive and dismiss safely. Students who participate in kiss and ride must maintain a healthy vehicle traffic flow, so keep an eye out for traffic signs. Quickly get into your car after dismissal.

Remember to wear a mask at all times on the bus and keep your distance from other students and faculty.

Due to these changes and lower capacity school buses, the bell schedule has been altered for the foreseeable future.