RCMS English teacher starts a podcast

The big question is: how does she make all her episodes? 

Yuting Liu and Reagan Shin

Ms. Amy Allen, an English teacher at RCMS, started a podcast on Jan. 28 called Queen of the Classroom. Her channel has already gained over a hundred subscribers on YouTube. The big question is: how does she make all her episodes? 

The first step to planning her episodes is to choose a topic. Ideas for them can be student’s, family’s, and friend’s ideas, random on-the-go information, and different things that can be fun to talk about. According to Ms. Allen, “Ideas come, and I write them down, and choose the interesting ones to talk about, or something I think my audience would enjoy.”

The “script” doesn’t always have to be a real script, with carefully planned out sentences and words; instead, put subtopics in, and then just roll with it. It’s okay to go off on a tangent for a longer episode, but remember to stay on the main topic. For example, Ms. Allen’s videos can range from short, 1-minute long videos to 20-minute long, tangent- and information-filled videos.

Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes. Podcasts are not perfect, so it’s okay to keep any small mistakes or cringy parts in.

Editing on a podcast should be simple. Maybe open or close with a little music, or an intro, but mainly it should be the podcaster (in this case, Mrs. Allen) talking.

Finally when the time comes to post, Ms. Allen doesn’t waste time, she just uploads it on YouTube for her viewers to watch.