Virginia theme parks reopening soon

Tanish Rayan, Writer

Since the Covid vaccine has been released, many theme parks are expected to reopen this spring in Virginia.

Virginia officials announced that theme parks are opening as soon as April. Some companies have already started their ticket sales. Theme parks such as Busch Gardens and Six Flags are reopening in June. 

Although many theme parks are reopening, some counties in Virginia have strict regulations which might affect the number of tourists visiting their park. Many theme parks have a person cap at 1,000. Some people are complaining that a cap at 1,000 is unsustainable and an inappropriate rule. 

Recently, King Dominion has stated that they will be reopening in June. However, there is a chance they will push their opening date to a later time because they have been facing internet backlash since announcing their reopening. Other companies have been having similar problems since publicizing their reopening dates.

While some theme parks are having no trouble in reopening their parks, others are having trouble finding employees. Theme parks had massive layoffs as the amount of customers plummeted as the Covid cases rose. Theme parks such as Disneyland are missing half of their employees. Disney said it would take roughly four weeks to rehire and train their future employees.