RCMS Model UN team wins 4 awards

Raghav Kasi, Writer

The RCMS Model United Nations team received four awards at Langley High School’s annual Model United Nations conference on March 20. 

Model UN or MUN, is a representation of the United Nations where delegates are faced with global issues and are forced to resolve them with the perspective of their assigned country. Students find solutions through a series of debates and eventually pass an action.

There were five committees for middle schoolers to compete in. The committees were UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) where students discuss how developing countries are attempting to be more environmentally friendly, SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee) where students discuss issues that humanity faces as a whole, Knesset where students discuss issues that Israel is facing, United States Congress – Gilded Age 1873 where students re-enact the U.S congress in 1873, and SpaceX BoD (SpaceX Board of Directors) where students re-enact the SpaceX board of directors.  

This was the eighth iteration of Langley High School’s MUN conference.  The conference is usually held at Langley High School; however, because of the coronavirus pandemic it was held virtually this year.

After receiving an award for Outstanding Delegate, Rohith Yellisetty said, “It was exciting to receive an award; however, I wanted to take this opportunity and continue to progress my Model UN skills. At the end of the day, I learned a lot about how to improve as a delegate at this conference.

Longfellow Middle School received the “Best Middle School” award for getting 7 awards which is the most out of any middle school at this conference.

The RCMS winners:

  • Rohith Yelisetty (8th Grade): “Outstanding Delegate”(2nd Place) in UNEP
  • Raghav Kasi (7th Grade): “Verbal Commendation”(4th Place) in UNEP
  • Kavin Murugan (7th Grade): “Verbal Commendation”(4th Place) in SpaceX BoD
  • Musa Shah (8th Grade): “Verbal Commendation”(4th Place) in SpaceX BoD