New books added to RCMS online library

Ira Gramopadhye, Writer

The RCMS online library has introduced a variety of new books into its collection this month. The new books have many genres and range from science fiction to realistic fiction. 

These books include titles such as “Kent State,” “Fable,” and “96 Miles.”

“Kent State,” a historical fiction book, is written from different points of view of students who were protesting the Vietnam War.

“Fable,” a fantasy novel, follows the story of a girl surviving on an island and fighting to find her father and gain her place next to him.

“96 Miles,” another survival story, is about two brothers who are surviving in a blackout and have only 72 hours to travel 96 miles.

 The RCMS online library is constantly adding new books like the books above. You can suggest books that you want to read through the book recommendations form that can be found on the RCMS library website.