Eighth-grade students to take virtual trip to Finance Park

Jason Liu, Writer

On April 6, all eighth-grade Rachel Carson Middle School students will be taking a virtual trip to Fairfax County’s Finance Park in a simulation. In the simulation they will learn about microeconomic concepts and finance to prepare for their future.

Students will pick and learn how to get a job depending on the student’s skills and income, deal with budgets, and learn how to pay their taxes and debt. Additionally, they will have to spend, manage, and save their money wisely. In the simulation they possibly could have a spouse or kids and learn how to pay for basic necessities including food and a house.

According to Finance Park, 90% of students felt more confident in making future life choices after taking the program.

In previous years the visit was done in person as a field trip, but due to Covid-19, the visit will be done virtually for safety measures. The virtual program may be used again in the future.