Students and staff reflect on post-Covid changes to the world and themselves


Courtesy of Tanishka Gandhi

Tanishka Gandhi, an eighth-grader from RCMS, outside during COVID.

Sahasra Kothembaka

The world has undeniably changed due to Covid-19.

“It just started out of nowhere,” eighth-grader Cailyn Johnson said. “I feel like I changed a lot from last year.”

Tanishka Gandhi, an eighth-grader from RCMS, reflected sadly on the people who were lost due to Covid-19 and the fact that the world half shut down. The personal impacts were strong too.

“I became ten times lazier,” she said, adding that it became harder to communicate with people as well.

At the same time Tanishka acknowledged students’ new ability to learn virtually, which is a skill most learned for the first time.

Ms. Daniela Goldstein, an eighth-grade civics teacher, says she was an extrovert before Covid, and now she is an introvert.

Ridha Samad, a seventh-grader from RCMS, felt bad for businesses and for college students who lost their college experience. On a more personal level, Ridha missed school, vacations, weddings, and she even lost a family member to Covid.

“So many people got sick,” she said.

Although there were more negative impacts, there are also positive impacts.

Cailyn said Covid brought everyone closer together because everyone went through the same thing.

Ms. Goldstein also looked at the bright side.

“It made people appreciate what we have,” she said.