New pets offer companionship during the pandemic


Raghav Kasi

Joey Kim, a seventh-grader at RCMS puts a collar on his Cavapoo puppy, Boba.

Raghav Kasi, Writer

The start of the coronavirus pandemic was a tough time for a lot of people, and to accompany them, many brought along some furry friends. 

“We were originally going to get my dog over the summer last year, and once the pandemic hit we decided that it’s the best time right now because we can spend more time with the puppy and it’ll occupy us,” said Ms. Joyce, a math teacher at RCMS. 

Being able to spend more time with the pet to potentially train and the ability to form bonds with pets is the lead driver in getting a pet during the pandemic for many students. Oftentimes, when a pet is young and untrained and the owner leaves the house, it has the possibility to shred the house.

According to an article on, many shelters were finding themselves empty in the first few months of the pandemic, but a few months later shelters were overflowing because people “returned” their pets because it wasn’t the best fit for their family. This surge hit unequipped shelters heavily.

Pets have changed the lifestyle for many students and it has some unexpected benefits. 

“It took me away from the computer for a change and allowed me to spend more time with my Cavapoo puppy, Boba,” said Joey Kim, a seventh-grader at RCMS.

On the contrary, some families are opting to get a pet after the pandemic because safety is a concern for them. Many dog breeders have stopped allowing visits to see the dogs, and for many people this could be an awkward situation because they would like to see if the breeder is reputable and if the pet is healthy.

Some families who are waiting are preparing for their upcoming pet by “pet-proofing” their house and buying the necessary goods. 

One of these students who are opting to go this route is Joseph Kwon, a seventh-grader at RCMS. 

“My family and I are extremely excited for our possible pet to our family and we hope that things start returning to normal so we can finally adopt a dog,” he said. “In the meantime however, we will prepare as much as we can!“