All lives matter on this planet…

Shoei Griffin

Dear Editor,

Since the early stages of human life there has been hunting happening that is mostly ethical and for food or resources to live. While there is still many that ethically hunt, there are many that do NON ethical hunting. Since the late nineteenth-century and the early twentieth-century there has been something called poaching happening all around the world (mostly Africa due to the variety of exotic animals). Poaching is the non ethical way of hunting. It is where someone kills or hurts an animal and takes their tusk, horn and exotic parts just for money, “medicine,” spiritual reasons and more. 

If this keeps going on this diverse planet of nature will soon fall to an end. All the species we know and love will go extinct just because some of us (not all) humans are doing the wrong thing.  Instead of doing the wrong thing, let’s start doing what’s right. We can protest to help these animals, donate, and help conservation projects. Let’s help these species live and take good care of them, instead of using them just for our sake. Let’s enjoy them the right way. Let’s help them live for generations on end. 

Thank you,

Shoei Griffin


7th grade