New Minecraft club begins


Photo Credit: Kavin Narayanan

“The club is important to me because it brings people of all kinds of backgrounds together to play a game and/or socialize,” says club founder Kavin Narayanan.

Angela Luo and Ella Miller

Students can now join a newly formed Minecraft club to play in different aspects of the Minecraft world.

To join the club, students must sign up in the cafeteria during their lunch period on Wednesday. The club meets every Wednesday starting on Sept. 29 during both the A and B blocks from 2:23 to 3:23 and 3:28 to 4:28. The club meets in room A204 with Ms. Aubrey Franco, an eighth-grade English teacher, as the sponsor.

“Students do not need anything to participate in the club — having Minecraft is just optional, and I myself know people without Minecraft who are in the club and still have the same experience,”  said Kavin Narayanan, an 8th grader on the Dolphins team, and one of the club founders. “If you want to purchase Minecraft, it is around $27 for Java Edition, which I recommend.” He said student can buy it directly from Mojang.

In the club, students can play in different editions of Minecraft and have discussions about the game. They can also meet people with similar interests and make new friends in the club.

“This club is not only for playing Minecraft and discussing, but also just as a place to socialize,” Kavin explained. “The club talked about a variety of things last year, not only limited to Minecraft. It’s a pretty fun club if you want to make new friends or socialize with existing ones.”