After-school clubs begin — with several new additions


Maya Younes , Hania Javeed, and Sharani Chebrolu

After school clubs for all students began Sept. 20 as extracurricular activities and for fun.

Some examples of popular clubs are basketball, arduino, study hall, Model UN, LGBTQ+, debate and so much more. Currently there are 30+ clubs to choose from. 

Many new clubs are starting this year. Some examples are, Fiddle club, which is a group that comes together to learn about the cultures of the world and to play along with others, Panther hangout, which is a group for students to come together and socialize with one another and work on school, volleyball club which is a club to meet and play recreational volleyball and last but not least running club which is a group to teach how to run, how to conserve energy and more.

Students can sign up for clubs in the cafeteria on the laptops. 

Students who stay for a club can take a late bus home. The late buses come on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for pickup. The bus comes at around 4:30. 

Your bus number might differ compared to your usual one so you have to go to Mr. Adam Pawlowski at lunch or check your SIS StudentVue account to get your bus information. If you aren’t interested in getting picked up by a bus, you can always do kiss n’ ride with a parent or guardian. 

Do you want to start your own club? To start your own club, you need to contact Mr. Pawlowski. To start your own club, you need to have a sponsoring teacher and you need at least ten members. You can start any appropriate club as long as your sponsoring teacher approves of it and it isn’t currently in the system.

Teachers have been excited to work with their students as well as others in the after school program. Not only do they see students having fun but they have fun too. 

Many students feel that the program is a great way to socialize, learn, and have fun. Most clubs don’t require any money which gives more opportunities for students to participate.

To sign up for a club you can either sign up in the cafeteria or go to a teacher to sign up personally. The sign up varies based on which club you are joining. An after school club form should be signed up depending on which club you want to join. The club sign up information for particular clubs can be found on the RCMS website. There is not a limited number of clubs so feel free to join as many as you want. At the end of the day, to sign into your club you have to either sign in using the QR codes or sign in with your laptop.